Why Hand in Hand?

We know there are a variety of great causes to support – what is it about our mission that resonates with you?

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“Hand in Hand helps make it real.  A real story.  A real impact.  A real difference.  You think you give time, effort, and energy to help others – the real thing that happens though is that you are helped to a greater degree.  Hand in Hand truly makes a difference for everybody involved and that is why we chose to support Hand in Hand.”

– Robbie Estes

“Hand in Hand supports individuals, families and communities by, not only providing assistance with house repairs and rehab, but providing individual, families and communities with encouragement, relationships and tools to “pay it forward.” As a volunteer, Hand in Hand provides me with those same things that they provide to individuals, families and communities – encouragement, relationships and tools. “

-Rita Ostwalt-Whitfield

“I donate to Hand in Hand Ministries because I feel what I donate actually helps people in need.”

-Joan Anderson

“It was locally founded, it serves members of our community and state as well as Central America.  The organization is small yet makes a significant difference in peoples lives that are visible and tangible to those who get involved with the ministry. It is a charity that beckons individuals to be servants and get engaged in the work, which is so much more fulfilling than just donating money.”

-Alice Bowling

“Love your mission. My first trip to Auxier, I came back to Louisville saying we don’t have to travel to meet the need. You opened Portland and I am excited about your program there. Great job!”

-Dirk Gowin

“We have  been blessed in many ways and were taught that we should share with those who have less.  We went to a dinner about 20 years ago when Hand in Hand was just beginning and liked what we heard.  Started volunteering in the office, went to Belize to help build a small house and have been contributing every since.  We give because it is a wonderful organization and it is the right thing to do.”

-Theresa Moorman

“Our church went to help on a trip in Belize upon the recommendation of a friend whose grandchildren had gone on several mission trips through Hand in Hand.  They had always had a great experience, and we ended up sending a group.  Everyone on the trip had a great experience.”

-Mike Young

“Hand in Hand is an amazing ministry!  They just hosted Rockhurst University students and staff for an amazing week of work and spiritual growth.”

-Mary Cary