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Kylea Builds Change in Belize

Hi Everyone!

My name is Kylea Kraig and I am a freshman this year at Assumption High School. I was recently given an opportunity to go on a life-changing mission trip; one that will change the life of a young family in desperate need of a home. While I am really nervous about leaving my family behind for a week, this is an opportunity for me to travel to a foreign land, and share my talents and a little muscle with the people of Belize; where we will be constructing a home for a family who currently does not have one. It is also an opportunity for me to grow closer with my youth group, and more importantly gain a little clarity about the world around me, as I witness first hand some of the struggles that others must go through.

This trip does not go without costs though, and that is why I’m reaching out to you today. While I’m personally paying for this trip out of my own pocket, I would like to see if I can pool the resources of my wonderful network to help me fund some of this trip. All money collected will go directly toward the cost of my trip (airfare, room and board, transportation during my time in Belize). In return, I plan to take plenty of photos and will happily share my story with you when I arrive back home.

The trip is just a few short months away. We will be leaving on June 16th, and we will return on June 22nd. There are about 14 people going, and while many of us are school aged, we can all make a big difference, and will represent our community, as well as this great nation with honor and grace. If you are interested in showing your support by helping me with my goal, please consider donating what you can. No amount of money is to small.

Thank you so much and God bless!

Kylea Kraig


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