Tripster – Anna Doerr

Anna Builds Change in Belize

Dear friends and family,

My name is Anna and I am a freshman at Assumption high school. Ever since a summer mission trip to Appalachia about two years ago, I have loved the thought of helping those in need. While I was in Appalachia, I helped a woman and her family underpin their trailer and another lady paint her house. It made me so happy to see the smiles on their faces when we helped them. After the mission trip, I continued to be a part of the youth ministry until I graduated from St. Patrick.

Now, I am a part of the high school youth ministry, still through the same school. This summer I have been blessed with the opportunity to go on a mission trip to Belize with St. Patrick’s youth ministry. We will be building a house for a whole family. I am so excited to be doing more service work through St. Patrick. Any donations would be a huge help.

Anna Doerr


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