Support a Tripster

Support a Tripster

Hand in Hand Ministries sends hundreds of tripsters on immersion trips each year to experience real life that you can’t get from a book or a meeting. With your help, many volunteers will earn the opportunity to experience parts of the world that most will never know. Please help a tripster below reach his/her monetary goal to participate in an immersion trip with us! You will be lending a hand…and changing lives!


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Louisville AppalachiaBelize | Nicaragua

THANK YOU! Hand in Hand Ministries truly thanks you for your generosity to help send these individuals on a journey that will educate them in ways not possible in a classroom or office. You will help change their lives with your donation! 

Donate to a Tripster: Please click on a name below to navigate to the personal fundraising page.

Lisa Proulx Belize Support Immersion Trip
Hands Building Harmony Belize Support YouthBuild’s Trip
Carly McCormick Belize Support Immersion Trip
The Heck Family Belize Support Immersion Trip
Noah Jeffries Belize Support Immersion Trip
The Weaver Family Belize Support Immersion Trip
Abigail Walsh Belize Support Immersion Trip
Walsh/Pierce and Friends Belize Build a Bathroom
Jonathan Shrode Belize Support Immersion Trip
Kylea Kraig Belize Support Immersion Trip
Lillie Pierce Belize Support Immersion Trip

Need your own fundraising page? If you are a student or an organization that would like to create a fundraising page, please contact Darian Eswine at or (502) 459.9930 to get started!

You can become a tripster too! Inspired by what these people are doing? Check out all our upcoming immersion trips!

**Note: Generally donations made through these links are tax deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor.