Support a Tripster

Support a Tripster

Hand in Hand Ministries sends hundreds of tripsters on immersion trips each year to experience real life that you can’t get from a book or a meeting. With your help, many volunteers will earn the opportunity to experience parts of the world that most will never know. Please help a tripster below reach his/her monetary goal to participate in an immersion trip with us! You will be lending a hand…and changing lives!

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THANK YOU! Hand in Hand Ministries truly thanks you for your generosity to help send these individuals on a journey that will educate them in ways not possible in a classroom or office. You will help change their lives with your donation! 

Donate to a Tripster: Please click on a name below to navigate to the personal fundraising page.

The Mayes Family Belize Support Immersion Trip

You can become a tripster too! Inspired by what these people are doing? Check out all our upcoming immersion trips!

**Note: Generally donations made through these links are tax deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor.