Our housing program focuses on home repair, home building and creating a pathway to home ownership. Hand in Hand believes housing is a basic need that must be met in order to ensure and encourage further success and sustainability for our community members.

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In Louisville and Eastern Kentucky, our staff and volunteers work on repairs ranging from painting the outside of a home to reflooring a bathroom or building a wheelchair ramp. The homeowners we work with become part of the Hand in Hand family, assisting with work, volunteering or connecting us with their neighbors. We are so excited to now be a small piece of a community effort to revitalize and value the history of west Louisville.

Our groups abroad spend their time building a home from start to finish. Groups visiting Belize build a 16′ x 20′ wooden home and complete the construction in four days. Hand in Hand groups have built over 380 homes since 2002.

Groups in Nicaragua begin construction on a concrete block house. Our construction crew also works on homes when groups are not present.