Health Care

Hand in Hand’s health care programs are located in Belize, Nicaragua and Eastern Kentucky. Over the years we have listened to the communities we’re in and do our best to meet whatever need they are expressing. Our programs range from HIV/Aids treatment and counseling to a community food pantry.

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The Fowler Community Center in Belize includes patient care for children affected by HIV/AIDS. Our program partners with the local government to provide medication. Together, with the government, the transmission rate from mom to baby has been drastically decreased. We also provide counseling for the patients and their families.

The Nicaragua office hosts a medical group that provides basic medical care such as wellness checks, dental and vision for students in the Pathway to Change program.

The Auxier Center in Eastern Kentucky stocks a food pantry serving 75 families each month from the Auxier community in Floyd County, Kentucky. Many of our groups bring donations for the pantry or go shopping during their trip. We believe nutrition and a full belly leads to further success in life.