Fundraising – Belize Van

You betta Belize we need a new van!

Message from Abel Vargas, program director, Hand in Hand Ministries in Belize

Greetings to all our family from Belize.

We thank you for having joined our mission on a trip to Belize and pray that you will return, and bring a friend along. Your presence inspires and encourages us as we live our mission of serving God, by caring for those in need.

As faith would have it, nothing comes without a challenge, but we are blessed to have you in our family to assist us in overcoming our challenges. At this time our challenge is transportation for our immersion groups. If you have been with us on an immersion trip in the past eight years, you will be familiar with our fifteen passenger Toyota Hiace van. Well, we have “racked” up over 150,000 miles, served 190 groups, and built 215 houses with the services of our Van, and now it has taken a toll.

Last month, our transmission gave in and we had to repair it at a high cost to us. Now we are advised that the engine may soon need an overhaul and the turbo is passing oil and will soon need replacing. For the past two months, several group members have been asking why we need to be adding oil to the van, and are worried about whether the van is road worthy. Whenever groups become concerned, then it raised a very bright “red flag” for us and we must do something.

At this time, we see the urgent need to replace the van, and as we operate with just enough resources, just in time, we do not have those kinds of extra finances available, our only recourse at this time is to appeal to our extended family for any little assistance that we know will add up. This is an ambitious but possible task with your help, as we recall the five loaves and two fishes that fed thousands, so we are hopeful.

Thank you for all you do for Hand in Hand,



  • If every one who built a house in the last eight years gave $14.83 we would have a van in no time.
  • We could still get to our goal if half of you gave $29.64.
  • And we could still reach $30,000 if just a quarter of the folks on this email gave $59.41.
  • Of course, one person could also give $30,000…! 🙂

**Note: You can give through this link, with cash, check or through our Venmo**