Tripsters Corey and Jessica

The Millers Travel to Belize

Hello Friends,

Our names are Jessica and Corey Miller and we will be leading a group of young people from Middletown Christian Church on an immersion mission trip to Belize this summer. We have served with MCC for several years on local and international mission trips. While in Belize we will be helping to build a home for a local family. We are very thankful for this opportunity and are grateful for any donations that you can make.

“Give your hands to serve and your hearts to love” –Mother Theresa

From Jessica:
I am a fifth grade teacher and I absolutely love serving and working with my students. I also volunteer with the youth ministry at our church. All of my life I knew that I wanted to work with children and students to help them feel loved and supported in all aspects of their life. I am excited to embark on this journey to serve others in a different way.

Our school theme for the year is “Choose Compassion”. I hope to be a role model in daily circumstances in showing how my students can choose to lead kind and compassionate lives. I also hope to show my students how to live compassionately by showing them how important it is to give back to others. The reason that our faculty chose to put the word “Choose” before compassion is to show that being compassionate involves an active decision to love and empathize with another person. It is not always the easiest choice, but requires selfless giving. God has blessed me with many gifts that I can “choose” to use to support and love others with.

From Corey:
One of my favorite things about working with young people is getting to serve alongside them. Working with my youth to complete a task in service of others opens up a new understanding of love and compassion. Taking some of our older students to Belize this summer will be an amazing experience. It will open our eyes to everyday circumstances of many of our brothers and sisters around the world, and will help us gain a new lens in which to view the world. I cannot wait to serve with our youth this summer as we build a house for a deserving family, and learn how to better serve others from around the world.

Our goal for this summer is to raise $3,100 any donation would be much appreciated!

Grace and Peace,

Jessica and Corey Miller

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