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Maddy Williams Builds Hope in Belize

Dear Friends,

My name is Maddy Williams, a current senior in high school. I am extremely excited to build a home in Belize for a family in need, June 24-July 1st with my high school youth group at Middletown Christian Church. For college next year, I am planning on double majoring in psychology and political science in the hopes of helping our community through politics and therapy. Throughout the school year I am highly invested in my academics by taking multiple college level courses every year and taking outside tutoring classes. When I am not studying I am helping others study through a tutoring group called The Learning Center. There, I help elementary school children, who are both academically and economically challenged with math, reading and speech.

During my weekends, I help host kids’ worship monthly and lead a fourth and fifth grade Bible study each month. During our bible study, we talk about important values like respect, hope and love. I find this to be the most rewarding part of my Sunday. I enjoy hanging out with the children and helping them get to know God through music and stories.

This trip will be my first international mission trip, as well as my first time out of the country without my family. Honestly, I’m both scared and excited to see how God is using us to help others in countries where others are less fortunate. For five years, I went on a family mission trip to a coal mining town in Lynch, Ky. This city has not had coal for generations, this has resulted in a high rate of unemployment. Most of the families there are without basic toiletries or clothing. Every year, we’d invite the town to come and hang out with us at a church called Club 180. We set up clothing stations, a hair salon, crafts for the kids and music on stage.

I found that I no longer felt as if I was being dragged to Lynch, instead I felt as if I was being pulled there. My most memorable time was helping at the home of a late coal miner’s daughter. Her home was decaying with holes in the roof which further caused damage to her floor. Our group replaced her floor and fixed her roof. We left her home knowing she never needed to worry about the rain in her home again. She was smiling again.

Because of my time in Lynch had a strong impact on me, I’m so excited to build those relationships while working side by side a family in Belize. I’m about to become a college student and so I am sharing my story with the world in the hopes that a good samaritan can help lighten finances for the trip. My goal is to try and raise the funds for the entire $2,300. So if you are feeling giving today, I ask that you consider giving not only for my experience, but for the family I will be helping along the way.

Maddy Williams

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