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Hallie Rodman Builds Hope in Belize

Dear Friends,

Hello, my name is Hallie Rodman, I am a senior in high school and graduating this spring. I have the exciting opportunity to participate in an immersion trip to Belize this summer through Hand in Hand Ministries with several of my close friends from my youth group. I could not ask for a better opportunity to kick start life after high school than by giving my time and elbow grease to building a house with people I have walk closest with in my faith journey.

Hand in Hand Ministries will be leading 12 youth and 3 adults to Belize to build a home for a family that really needs it. The home will have two rooms, living/kitchen and a bedroom. Oh – and there is a possibility for adding a bathroom. Even just saying those words gives me chills, adding a bathroom. I have served in Nashville, St. Louis, Chicago, Detroit and Louisville but never internationally and never to this level of poverty that a home was considered without a bathroom.

As I said, I have had the honor of serving on numerous mission trips with my friends from Middletown Christian Church youth group, but we have not had the opportunity to serve internationally – until now. Several of us will be graduating in the spring and having this chance for our last youth mission trip to share God’s love in Belize is very exciting and will no doubt be memorable. We have shared so much together and have experienced God Sightings through it all. The experience will be one that will change a family’s way of life, but it will bond and change us as well.

In closing, the fact that you are looking at my page means a lot to me and I really thank you for doing so. The day before we depart for Belize will be my 18th birthday and I cannot think of a better way to move into adulthood than to serve others. As we prepare for this journey, I would truly appreciate any financial contribution you may provide. Your donation would be tax deductible and goes to cover my cost of $2300. This includes my travel expenses and some of the cost of our project, building a home.

Finally, thank you for your thoughts and prayers during this time of fundraising and during our trip. I am very thankful for this experience and blessed to have you be a part of something bigger than ourselves.

God Bless,

Hallie Rodman

**Note: Generally donations made through these links are tax deductible. Please consult with your tax advisor.