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Support the Fowler Community Center
in Belize

Today you can make an investment that will last a lifetime!

Thanks to a handful of generous donors, we turned a swamp into land. We built a strong foundation that will support all of Hand in Hand’s Belize programs for years. First floor construction was completed in January, and will become the home for our Pre-School and Day Care. It will also be home to our nurses who administer care to families in the community who are living with HIV/AIDS. In July we plan to pour the ceiling for the second floor, which will become home to our Building for Change staff and Scholarship students.

Now all we need is YOU to help us with essentials like electricity, plumbing, and windows, and the finishing touches of a playground, and basketball court. Our goal is to see smiling faces of beautiful children in our building by January 2017. We invite you to lend a hand and invest in the future of our friends in Belize.

Please contact Marla Cautilli at or (502) 459.9930 if you need more information.

THANK YOU! We appreciate your investment in the mission of
Hand in Hand Ministries.

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