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Evan Wilt’s Journey of Hope to Belize

Dear Friends,

My name is Evan Wilt and I have the opportunity to join several other youth from Middletown Christian Church in Louisville, KY on an immersion trip to Belize in Central America. While I have been on other mission trip experiences through my church, I’ve never been on an international immersion trip. I am blessed to have this opportunity to go to Belize June 24-July 1, 2018. I have been to Belize four times before and have experienced the extreme poverty every time. I have always wanted to help but have not had the opportunity to help in a meaningful way until now. During our trip to Belize, we will be staying in the Hand in Hand Ministries’ “Starfish House.” Almost every day we will travel to a work side by side with the homeowners to build a 16×20 wooden two-room home for the family. This is the bulk of the work that we will be doing but this is not all. We will go to the Fowler Community Center to learn more about the HIV/AIDS Mobile Outreach program and visit with the our pre-school and daycare children. First and foremost, we will build a home for a family, but we’ll also have the opportunity to experience the beauty of Belize.

I need to raise $2,300, a portion of which will go to build a home for a family. I’m incredibly grateful for any donation you can make towards my upcoming trip to Belize and to help make a difference in the lives of a deserving family and community. Thank you in advance.

God is good, always.
Evan Wilt

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